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Brake calliper paint does not only have a decorative function. It creates a protective coating on parts, protects them from dirt and moisture, improves the heat transfer and makes cleaning easier. On the whole, this extends the lifespan of car parts.

What are the types of brake calliper paints

By consistency:

  • Liquid. Characterised by simple application. They create a durable coating which preserves its working properties over several years.
  • Powder. Can be used only at maintenance stations. The application of colouring compound requires professional equipment. Besides, the coating flows and polymerises in a special chamber. When the paint dries, the coat becomes highly durable and resistant to the aggressive environment.

By the type of the finish:

  • Gloss. Form a wear-resistant coating. Parts painted with such paint are easy to clean as the coating features a smooth texture and doesn’t tend to accumulate dirt.
  • Matte. Good for concealing all irregularities. Create a porous coating which is a little more difficult to clean.

By form of production:

  • Single-component. Ready-to-use products.
  • Double-component. Consist of an active ingredient and an activator which are mixed together right before using them.

Features of using brake calliper paints

  1. Before you start working it is necessary to make sure that the amount of the compound you have bought will be sufficient to paint the desired area. Aerosols usually contain less paint than cans.
  2. Brake calliper paint should be applied to primarily cleaned and degreased surface. For that wired brushes and special cleaners are used.
  3. It will be more comfortable to perform the works if you dismantle the part. However, there is no need to dismantle the callipers. In such a case, parts which are not to be painted have to be covered with masking tape. It is very important to prevent the paint from getting onto the working surface of brake discs. This can result in worse braking performance.
  4. Painting must be done in a well-ventilated room. It is important to wear personal protective equipment when working with a spray gun.
  5. Most compounds need to be applied in several layers. The manufacturer of the automotive chemical indicates the drying time of each layer and total drying time in the instruction. As a rule, it takes 2–3 hours for the liquid paint to dry. However, it is better to avoid using the car within a day after the treatment.

AUTODOC: convenient online shopping

In our online shop, you can buy not only brake calliper paints but also a special kit which includes a cleaner, primer, hardener, brushes, gloves, etc. Such sets are intended for painting four callipers. They are cost-efficient: you save on delivery fees and receive everything you need to do the work. Thanks to the convenient searching system and well-designed catalogue, you’ll be able soon to become familiar with the product range and to choose the most suitable product for your vehicle.

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