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Dodge Challenger

Dodge Challenger is an iconic car which is produced since 1969 till today. It belongs to a class of so-called pony cars. Overall three generations and five restylings were presented. Over the years, the production of vehicles has been established in the US (Hamtramck and Los Angeles), Japan (Okazaki) and Canada (Brampton).

Dodge Challenger I generation

The first generation of Dodge Challenger was released in 1970. The car has been created as a competitor to Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro. The design was developed by Carl Cameron, who earlier worked on the creation of Dodge Charger.The car’s design matched the fashion of those years. Its shortened rear part and elongated hood made it’s exterior dynamic and sporty. Turn indicators were placed on the front bumper. A large air intake was placed in the center of the bonnet. The model was available in coupe and cabriolet bodies.

Dodge Challenger vehicles were equipped with technologies advanced for their time. An interesting solution was the overhead console which was signaling of an open door, seat belt safety and on the level of the fuel in the tank.

Dodge Challenger I generation restyling

The cars of the first generation were subjected to restyling three times – in 1971, 1972 and 1973. During these facelifts tail lights and the radiator grille were slightly modernized. Rear brake lights gained a rectangular shape.

Dodge Challenger II generation

In 1978- 1983 it was decided to sell Mitsubishi Galant Lambda sport coupe under the name of Dodge Challenger. These two vehicles were absolutely identical and differed in color and some exterior elements only. Multiple experts considered it was pointless to consider this car as a second generation of Dodge Challenger at the beginning of 1970s. Additionally, Dodge Challenger II decreased in size and could not be classified as pony car any longer.

Dodge Challenger II generation restyling

In 1981 Dodge Challenger II was subjected to restyling. The car has received an updated radiator grille, new front and tail lights and upgraded bumpers. New variants of body colors were added to the range of available ones.

Dodge Challenger III generation

Series production of the Dodge Challenger’s third generation began in 2008. The debut of a preview model took place at two auto shows - both in Chicago and Philadelphia. Developers did their best to make it look as similar to the first Dodge Challenger as possible. With the car’s size being increased,the general proportions and the body lines with its effectively raised rear part have been preserved.

The car received headlights inserted into the hood, a T-shaped hood projecture, rectangular tail lights, brake lights and turn signals. Depending on the modification, the cars were equipped with ABS system, cruise control system, forged aluminum alloy wheel discs, heated seats and a Premium audio system. A leather interior trim and carbon inserts could be ordered for an extra fee.

Dodge Challenger III generation restyling

In 2015 the third generation of Dodge Challenger was restyled. The car has received an updated grille and stylish bumpers. LED inserts appeared in the head and rear lamps. Fourteen variants of interior decoration were offered to customers choice.

Dodge Challenger on different markets

The Dodge Challenger’s second generation has analogue cars. These models are Mitsubishi Galanta Lambda, Mitsubishi Sapporo and Plymouth Sapporo.

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