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Interior car cleaners and care products allow not only to remove different kinds of contaminants but also protect the car interior, for example, from the impact of ultraviolet rays. Such products prevent soft coatings from drying and cracking, remove minor damage and bad odours. Thanks to them your interior will always look neat.

What are the types of interior car cleaners and care products

  • Stain removers. Remove stubborn stains from upholstery.
  • Cleaners. Used for treatment of plastic, vinyl, rubber and textile elements.
  • Conditioners and lotions. Used to soften leather and vinyl to avoid their cracking. Often they have antistatic effect.
  • Polishes. Needed for cleaning plastic elements such as dashboard. Make them look either sleek or matte. They conceal small scratches. There are also products for metal parts that remove dullness and restore the original shine of chrome and aluminium parts.
  • Air fresheners. Make the air scented. Manufactured in the form of granules, gel, liquids, chalk, wooden toys and hanging cardboard fresheners. They permeated with concentrated aromatic substance.
  • Glass cleaners. As a rule, they contain components that dissolve oils. Used for cleaning windows and rear-view mirror.

Features of using interior car cleaners and care products

  1. Specify the conditions of use in the instructions and compatibility of automotive chemicals with the treated materials. For example, cleaners for fabrics and Alcantara aren’t suitable for leather as they can make it crack and lose its elasticity.
  2. Use special accessories. For example, a rubber brush will help you to remove fur from textile upholstery and microfibre cloths will remove stains from the glass. There are also available applicators for polishes. Melamine sponge is good for removing dirt from leather, plastic and vinyl.
  3. Do not use dry-cleaning products without any necessity more than once in three months: they contain ingredients that can cause premature wear and tear of the treated materials.

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In our catalogue, you will find a wide range of lotions for leather as well as cleaners, polishes, stain removers and other products. It isn’t that difficult to keep the interior clean. Buy interior car cleaners and care products and you’ll be able to clean even the most stubborn stains and also provide protection of all interior elements from the environment. Our specialist will help you to make your choice. Our prices for all products will be a pleasant surprise for you.

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