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Car threadlockers perform a few functions at the same time. They prevent self unscrewing of fasteners as a result of high temperature and vibrations influence, protect metal surfaces from ingress of moisture and dirt, also seal the joints.

What are the types of threadlockers

  • For demountable joints. They are also known as removable. They are used in assemblies characterized by low temperature and some probability of gradual loosening of the fasteners. For instance, such threadlockers are needed for bonding a bracket to the engine, for sealing valve cover bolts and oil pan. They are notable for vibration resistance. If necessary, the fastener can be demounted without preliminary heating, using manual tools. Average shearing strength is 11 mPa
  • For one-piece units. They are called permanent. They are notable for high durability after hardening. Exposure to high temperature will be necessary for fasteners demounting. They are used in the joints, which do not require frequent disassembling, also withstanding high loads during operation: in the braking system or directly in the engine. These lockers are characterized by high shearing strength, which equals about 20 mPa

Features of threadlockers use

  1. Choose the product in accordance with technical characteristics and operational conditions of the unit. Various compounds are often used for threaded joints of small and big diameters
  2. Read the instruction carefully. The actions sequence can vary for a specific kind of product. Some products harden in the air, some – only at it absence. Their hardening time also varies
  3. Apply the mixture only on the surface, cleaned beforehand, in order to provide more reliable bonding
  4. Shake the container a few times before use
  5. Work in a well-ventilated room or outside. Put on a protective mask or respirator. This type of car chemicals contains toxic components. If the product contacted the skin, wash it thoroughly under water using a soap. If irritation doesn’t stop, see a doctor. Protect your eyes
  6. Do not use the threadlockers in the units, where they are not allowed by the manufacturer

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