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Rubber cement is a special chemical compound, based on natural or synthetic rubber, due to which elastic bonding of parts is provided. It is notable for resistance to the influence of moisture, low and high temperatures; that is why it is used both inside and outside the car.

Types of rubber cement

  • Vulcanized. It belongs to double-component compounds, which should be mixed before application. It provides reliable attachment, notable for resistance to the effects of solvents.
  • Non-vulcanized. It is single-component cement. It does not require preliminary mixing, as it is supplied being ready-made. It hardens when the solvent in it evaporates

Features of rubber cement use

  1. This product is flammable. In view of this, it is prohibited to use open fire near the place of its storing, or where the works are performed
  2. Volatile substances in the product are dangerous for the respiratory passages, that is why it is recommended to use it only in open air or inside of a well-ventilated room
  3. The surfaces of the parts to be bonded should be prepared preliminary, by removing soiling from it using special cleaners or solvents
  4. During works performing you should follow recommendations of the car chemical products. Usually, thickness of a layer and time for holding before glueing are noted on the product card in the package
  5. Some products require heating up to 160 °С for hardening. A heat gun, for instance, is used for this

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