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Transmission fluid additives are intended to protect gearbox parts from premature wear. They enhance its performance and ensure safe car operation.

What are the types of transmission fluid additives

By purpose:

  • Antifriction additives contain components that create a film on the surfaces of the part under high temperatures. It improves sliding and reduces the wear of friction pairs and also ensures smoother gear changing and silent transmission operation.
  • Anti-leak. They cause seals and gaskets to swell, improve their elasticity, filling the gaps and eliminating leaks.
  • Detergents are used for cleaning the transmission. They remove soot and deposits from the surfaces of its components, help to restore the transmission efficiency and solve the problem of harsh gear changing.

Features of using transmission fluid additives

  1. Check whether the product is suitable for the type of your transmission: manual transmission fluid additives can’t be used in automatic transmission and vice versa.
  2. Make sure the product is compatible with the transmission fluid. Don’t use motor oil additives for your transmission.
  3. Strictly follow the recommendations of automotive chemicals manufacturers. Some products should be added to the used oil before it is changed, others are poured into fresh one.
  4. Observe the proportions stated by manufacturer. As a rule, 1 l of transmission fluid requires 30-50 ml of additives. However, if a gearbox is used under high loads, more agent can be needed.
  5. Shake the container with the product thoroughly. After that, you should fill a special syringe with a flexible hose with the agent and then pour it into the transmission through an oil dipstick, oil hole or air breather.
  6. Detergents are usually used in car maintenance shops as it requires special equipment and further transmission fluid replacement.

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