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Brake cleaners are designed to degrease the surface of braking system components. They are used for dismantling and maintaining discs, drums, pads, cylinders and callipers. Brake cleaners are good at removing resins, lubricants, residues of technical liquids, brake dust and other stubborn impurities. They prevent drive mechanisms from getting stuck and improve braking performance.

Types of brake cleaners

These agents are usually supplied in aerosols. Their effectiveness depends on the substance they are based on and on the intensity of spray formed when the agent is applied. It improves the mechanical removal of dirt, and its properties depend on the type of the propellent contained. The most common are:

  • Carbon dioxide. It helps to form a thin needle-like spray and doesn't require extension nozzle for application. This type of propellent isn’t very convenient for large areas.
  • Propane and butane. They provide a wide spray angle and are not suitable for spot treatment.
  • A mixture of carbon dioxide, propane and butane. It forms a spray of a regular shape and allows for efficient consumption of aerosol.

These aerosols can also be fitted with a special ball valve. It allows spraying the product in any position.

Tips on using brake cleaners

  1. Make sure they are compatible with treated material.
  2. Follow step order specified in instructions. Cleaners differ in drying time and in the way how parts should be treated after. For example, it’s enough to wipe some agents off with a dry cloth while others have to be thoroughly washed.
  3. Shake the bottle well before usage. If the aerosol was stored in a cool place, put it in place with room temperature and leave it for a while.
  4. Use a brush or cloth to remove dust and other impurities which are easy to eliminate from the surface.
  5. Avoid the agent’s contact with painted surfaces, plastic and rubber parts. Some types of products contain substances that can destroy them.
  6. Use a special extension nozzle to treat components in hard-to-reach places.
  7. Carry out the cleaning in a well-ventilated room. Wear protective equipment for your skin, eyes and airways.

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