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Leak detection products help to find leaks in pipelines. They are used to check various car systems: air conditioning, cooling, lubrication, fuel, transmission and power steering. Some products help to detect leaks in the body, engine and brake system.

What are the types of leak detection products

By the intended purpose:

  • To detect liquid leaks. These products are made as additives based on fluorescent dyes. They are to be mixed with water or working fluids of various car units and systems. Some can be applied to the window or sunroof frames. They will glow under UV-lamp.
  • To detect air leaks. They are sold in spray cans and are used mainly for air brakes of commercial vehicles. These are foaming agents intended for external use. After application, bubbles appear over leak spots.
  • To detect suction. These are used for engine testing. They contain highly-flammable components which alter the air-fuel ratio in the mixture causing the rpm to go down and the amount of СО and СН in the exhaust - to increase.

Features of using leak detection products

  1. Before using ultraviolet leak detection additives, you should make sure that the product is compatible with the liquid to which you will add it. It is not always possible to mix the same agent with refrigerants of different brands. Besides, refrigerant additives shouldn’t be poured into engine or transmission oil.
  2. Buy only high-quality leak detection products, preferably, without any solvents. Some products contain aggressive substances which cause corrosion of metal parts and destroy sealants.
  3. Check the label for the usage procedure of a leak detector. Liquid additives are added right into the tested system. Aerosols are sprayed on the surface of parts where leakage is suspected.
  4. To use UV additives, you’re going to need a UV lamp. It can be substituted with a small inexpensive torch which is powered by car electric system. Your eyes have to be protected with special yellow goggles. To get the best results, you should add liquid additives in the amount recommended by the manufacturer.

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Timely detection of leaks in a system often allows avoiding expensive maintenance. Buy leak detection products, and you’ll be able to detect even the smallest cracks and eliminate them quickly and easily. Making purchases from us you save your time and money: we offer favourable prices and help each our customer to choose the required items.

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